Wellness Spa Tamlovka - EA Hotel Tammel - Jicin

EA Hotel Tammel has a private wellness area with a whirlpool, an infrared sauna and a relaxation area for absolute privacy.

Staying in the sauna has a positive effect on the overall relaxation of the musculoskeletal system, respirátory tract, joints, rheumatism, detoxification of the body, leaching of endorphins - hormones of happiness and strengthening of immunity. It is also suitable as a supplemental procedure for weight loss. Whirlpool is designed for relaxation and hydromassage as part of the sauna procedure.  

Opening hours of private wellness:

  • Wellness is open as agreed
  • Reservation required in advance


  • infrared sauna (max. 2 persons)
  • whirlpool (2 persons)
  • relaxation area (max. 4 persons)

The wellness area features a dressing room with lockers, toilet and shower.

For every visitor we fill the spa with clean water - we guarantee perfect cleanliness and hygiene.

Packages of private wellness services

price 1650 CZK (approx. 66€)

Price includes:

  • use of the whole private wellness center (infra sauna, whirlpool, relaxation area)
  • towels, bathrobes, sheets and slippers
  • carafe with water
  • carafe with wine
  • small refreshment - variation of cheeses and sausages
  • fresh fruits
  • relaxing music
  • optional color space illumination

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