Wellness EA Hotel Sonata

Visit our private comfortably furnished and equipped Relax Centre after a busy day.

Bring your close friends and family to fully enjoy the privacy of our wellness services.

Private wellness opening hours:

  • Open daily from 9.00 am to 10.00 pm.
  • Reservation required


  • Large Jacuzzi tub with adjustable jets
  • Dry sauna with infrared heating system and heat regulation

We fill the Jacuzzi tub with clean water for each visitor – perfect cleanliness and hygiene guaranteed.

Private wellness packages

Private wellness for 2

  • Price for 1 hour 650 CZK (approx. 26€)
  • Additional fee for each hour 550 CZK (approx 22€)
Price includes:
  • Private jacuzzi
  • Sauna
  • Bathrobes and towels
  • Bottle of sparkling wine (0,2 l.)
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V.I.P. private wellness for 2

  • Price for 90 minutes 1520 CZK (approx. 61€)
Price includes:
  • Sauna
  • Whirling bath
  • Small refreshment (canapes 8 pcs., 2 types of cheese, fruit)
  • Bottle of sparkling wine Bohemia (0,75 l)
  • Natural water
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Scent and candles
  • Towels, bathrobes and slippers available
  • Invitation to coffee at the hotel for cooling down before departure
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To book accommodation in EA Hotel Sonata**** visit the official webpages of the hotel: www.hotelsonataprague.cz

Additional services (a prior reservation required):

  • Selection of cheeses with nuts and grapes served on a chopping board / 250 CZK (approx. 10€)
  • Fresh orange juice 0.2l / 80 CZK (approx. 3€)
  • Chocolate mousse with fresh strawberries / 45 CZK/pc (approx. 2€)
  • Wine, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, according to current offer

Special baths (additional fee of 150 CZK - approx. 6€):

  • Tangerine bath – the aroma of tangerine is perfect for refreshing and has a strong stimulation effect. It is also used to ease up headaches and migraines as it eases up the tension of our "being".
  • Brine bath – hydrating bath with sea salt
  • Calming lavender bath – for centuries, lavender has been used in aromatherapy to help with psychological tensions and headaches. It also helps with flue and respiratory problems.
  • Refreshing mint bath – peppermint has the best refreshing essential oil. It is used to prepare refreshing beverages and meals in many countries and it is also known for its aphrodisiac effects.

Thai massages (a minimum of 1 day advance reservation required):

The technique of the original Thai massage is very different from the classical one known in Europe that focus solely on muscles and soft tissues. Thai massage pays attention to the whole body putting the strongest emphasis on the muscles of legs, joints, soles of feet and back as the current modern day lifestyle puts the most strain of these parts of our bodies.

60 minutes

90 minutes

120 minutes

  Traditional Thai massage

700 CZK
(approx. 28€)

1000 CZK
(approx. 40€)

1300 CZK
(approx. 52€)

Thai oil massage

900 CZK
(approx. 36€)

1200 CZK
(approx. 48€)

1500 CZK
(approx. 60€)

Thai aromatic oil massage

1100 CZK
(approx. 44€)

1400 CZK
(approx. 56€)

1700 CZK
(approx. 68€)

Combined massage

950 CZK
(approx. 38€)

1790 CZK
(approx. 72€)

2190 CZK
(approx. 88€)


700 CZK
(approx. 28€)

1000 CZK
(approx. 40€)

1300 CZK
(approx. 52€)

Massage "four hands"
(Thai oil massage by two massage therapists)

1700 CZK
(approx. 68€)

2300 CZK
(approx. 92€)

2900 CZK
(approx. 116€)

Leg massage

700 CZK
(approx. 28€)



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